About the Artist 

 As a world traveler, Catriona pulls inspiration from everywhere she visits.  With eclectic textures, bold colours and intricate patterns, her body of work certainly reflects worldly aesthetics.  As an Honours graduate from the world-renown John Casablancas Institute of Applied Arts in Vancouver, British Columbia, as well as maintaining formal training in Fine Arts, Catriona is constantly upgrading her skills whenever possible.  

Catriona's work can be seen on several feature films in the Greater Vancouver Area, as well as the International Make-up Trade Show (IMATS), backstage for international fashion designer Donna Karan, Vancouver Fashion Week and Vancouver Eco Fashion Week. She has collected several awards for her body painting throughout her ten year career, as well as 2 Leo Award nominations for Best Make-up is a Short Drama. 

Like a true artist, Catriona looks at the face as a canvas, highlighting each person's unique beauty with her distinctive approach. Her goal is to continue to grow and excel in her craft with her own unique edge.  Currently accepting bookings for the in Bridal and events, Film, Fashion, and Photography in the Vancouver Island and Vancouver Mainland area..  Creative collaborations are always considered too!

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